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How often should you send an email newsletter?

Friday, May 20th, 2011

The frequency is a problem to which it is very difficult to find the right answer. How often can you send an email newsletter may depend on various reasons. If you send too often you can become irritating for your subscribers and you risk getting a lot of spam complaints, and if you send too rarely you lose the contact with them. So, in this case, if you get less spam complaint, your subscribers might forget about you.

Generally, the recommended frequency starts from once a month to once a week and also the most suited frequency for your business depends on the frequency that people buy your product. For example, for a publishing website you can send a newsletter more often, maybe even daily, but it is not the same for a car brand.

The frequency problem starts when you don’t know the preferences of your subscribers – too often will make them hit the spam button, that’s why you should establish when you send your email newsletters keeping into account their preferences. Below you have some suggestions of ways to establish the best frequency for your emails.

1. Find out their options
The surest way to establish the best frequency of a newsletter is to find out your subscribers option right from the start, using the subscribing form. Offer your subscriber the possibility to choose how often to receive news from you in his inbox. You could include a box in the subscription form to ask the subscribers to set the timing of the newsletters they will receive.

2. Ask for their opinion in a survey

Find out the preferences of your subscribers about the frequency of your newsletters. If you already have a list and you didn’t include the frequency option in the subscription form, a survey could be a good way to find out their opinions.

3. Test

The frequency of your emails affects mostly the open rates and the click rates of your campaigns. You can test the frequency by dividing your list into segments. And then send your newsletters with a different frequency to see how the subscribers respond. Study especially the open rate and the click rate.

4. Let them choose
Even after the subscription you can give the possibility to your subscribers to choose the right frequency for them. In order to do this you can include a link in your messages that will give the possibility to choose the frequency.  Or you can put this possibility in the unsubscribe page. If the reason some people want to unsubscribe is the frequency, they will set it not to be disturbing. This way you make sure you are not losing subscribers because of the frequency of the emails.

Setting the right frequency is a difficult mission in email marketing, and the purpose of it is to avoid the saturation of the subscriber. Once resolved this matter concerning the comfort of the user, many indicators will be increasing.

How to grow your list with QR codes?

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

What are the QR codes?

They are two-dimensional codes that allow more data storage than the single dimensional codes. Another advantage of the QR codes is the possibility of coding and decoding in a short time, and the free usage. The QR codes are very easy to use for the consumers – they can scan it with a smart phone that has installed an application for reading these codes.

The QR codes allow the storage of different kind of data: link, numbers, letters and once the code is scanned, the user will be sent to a site, a form, a phone number or any other information.

How to use the QR code generated by WomSend?

The most important advantage of using the QR codes in email marketing campaigns is the possibility to offer more information in a very little space and the fact that these information are very easy to access.

WomSend helps you, by implementing the QR codes, to make it easier and more accessible for the mobile users to subscribe to your newsletter. The code that you generated after you created the subscription form can be put on the products you are selling, on flyers or any other kind of promotional material. After scanning the code with their smart phone, the consumers will be directed to the subscription form of your newsletter.

Using the QR code you make the transfer of your offline clients to the online much easier. You should be careful to make this process easy to understand for the prospects. Wherever you place the QR code you should have some using tips for them.

How to create a QR code with WomSend?

It’s actually very simple. You enter your WomSend account – section Forms. Here you create a subscription form and fill in all the required data. Also keep in mind that the “subscription success” link configured on your form should a mobile friendly page because your clients are scanning the QR code from their mobile phone. After you have finished filling in the data, you click the View code button at the end and get the QR code that you can now place wherever you want.