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How to prepare your newsletters for Christmas campaigns

Friday, December 9th, 2011

On Christmas everybody shops and the shopping season is about to start and the email is one of the most efficient ways to reach the prospects. The closer to the holidays we get, all inboxes are filling up with promotional offers so the most important thing to do is to differentiate and personalize the message. Everybody is busy and everybody wants to shop, providers are many and the offers as well.

Shopping is going online

Every year online store gain more clients during the holiday season. The value of online purchasing is bigger every year, especially on holidays. For example, in 2010 online sales have tripled compared to the ones in  2010. That’s why is very important to attract the online public to your offers. Consumers start to abandon crowded offline shopping to shop online with the effort of only a few clicks.

Test the email and the landing page

If you have a message and a design suitable for your subscribers and your are about to send the newsletters, do not neglect the technical aspects. Test the email for the most used email clients: Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Thunderbird, Hotmail etc. Also check on the display of your online version on the most used internet browsers.

Also keep in mind that you need to optimize your landing page in order to get conversions. If you managed to convince the subscribers with your email newsletters you need to convince them once again when  you got them to visit your landing page. So, too many steps required to make purchase or if the users are not able to find the purchase button, these may be reasons for them to leave your site.

Ideas for holiday newsletters

1. Themed design
In December send emails that say something about the upcoming holidays through their design. A design template or just a header with that reminds people about gifts and holidays is better than the regular one. It will help you stand out, a different design and a holiday themed message will help you break the monotony.

2. Recommended gifts
The email newsletter sent during this period is not really necessary to contain only promotional offers. You can include in you emails recommendations of your products for gifts. Use the reviews of other consumers or the lists of the best selling products to make this recommendations.

3. Last minute offers
One type of subscribers you should not forget about about the people that don’t have any time or they leave Christmas shopping for the last minute. You can make some “last minute” offers and it is recommended to contain digital product that will not require any delivery.