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Why should you send welcome emails?

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

After a consumer started a relationship with you and he gave you the permission to make him part of your email marketing campaigns, you need to have a reaction to his action, to answer somehow. When someone subscribes to your newsletter is important to have an autoresponder campaign set so you can confirm the registration and welcome him properly. If you are using the double opt-in subscription method you should use the confirmation email to thank the user.

With welcome emails you will get good results because the user just subscribed, so he is waiting information from you, he is waiting for a confirmation that he will receive something. That is the moment when the consumer is interested in your products/services and you can easily get his attention.

Welcome email content

  • A link to confirm the subscription to the newsletter;
  • A thank you message for the subscriber;
  • A request to add you to his Address Book;
  • Possibility to set preferences.

Advantages of welcome emails

  1. High open rates: welcome emails get high open rates because they are sent when the user just subscribed, so he is interested in your brand.
  2. Easy to do: they don’t require big investments in time or money. You have to create a template for his emails, and set autoresponse campaign at each subscription.
  1. Build the relationship: with welcome emails you thank your subscribers for giving you the permission to email them.
  2. You set expectations: you can use this email to give subscribers the opportunity to choose what information they want to get by using the Preference center.
  3. Improve delivery rate: welcome email is a great pretext to ask them to add you to their Address Book to make sure they will receive all the emails in their inbox.
  4. Offer a reward: in the welcome email you can offer a voucher or a discount for the order/action.

Create efficient content for email newsletters

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

After having established the segmentation criteria for your list and the frequency, you need to work on the content you are offering to your subscribers in order to get high indicators.

Having the permission and staying relevant are the essential elements in email marketing that can help you build a relationship. The second step is to find out what information your subscribers what to receive. A survey can be very helpfull with this. Also, ideas for content can come from carefully observing the indicators of the previous sent newsletters or the traffic ones on your website or blog. See what your users read and develop those subjects.

Generally, the subscribers will not be very happy with receiving only sales newsletters, you need content that will convince them about your products benefits.

Personalization helps

Your can personalizate your content so you can reach your target better. For example, using thelast name of the subscriber in the header of your message. „Hi, Andrew!” instead of just „Hi” can help you win his attention for the lines below.

Placing the important information

The important information needs to stand on the top of the newsletter in order to gain the reader before he abandons the email.

If you are using Womsend you will be able to analyze the click rate on every link according to it’s location. This way you can optimize the positioning of the information and other design elements in the newsletter.

The subject line- the key to high open rates

The subject is the first contact that your subscriber has with the email. It’s the only chance you have to convince him to open and read the information. A good subject line should be concise and based on facts, without metaphors.