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5 types of subject lines that will raise the opening rate

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

How to write the right subject lines so your subscribers will open the email? There is more than one answer to this question, there are many more ways to find the best subjects. Below there are some examples of subjects that will improve the opening rate.

1.     Question subject lines

The question subjects get more attention from the user and if your question is relevant for his interest they will want to find out the answer. Often the subscriber just scans between the many messages he gets and you need to awake his interest.

2.     Call-to-action subjects

Adding a verb that will call the user to action is very efficient in order to get clicks. When you use the right words you can make them curious to discover want you got for them. You need to have a verb to make the text more dynamic. Some of the most used verbs for call to actions are: see, find out, discover etc.

3.     Forbiding subjects

Although the fact that forbiding something will only make the other do it is a cliche, it isn’t used very often in marketing. In your direct communication to the user, a subject like: “Firstname, don’t open this email!” will have the exact opposite effect.

4.     Personalized subjects

Personalization helps you a lot in your relationship with the subscribers. Using his name in the subject line has bigger chances to convince him that your email suits him and his interests.

5.     Subject that say « You don’t have much time left… »

Subjects that say it’s urgent, that say that subecribers don’t have much time left to take an offer will determine them to act.

How to build your list with AdWords

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

How to build your list with AdWords

If you want to get good results quickly in raising your sales, but also building your list, you should get started with Google AdWords.

If you need to build your list with AdWords you have to create a special landing page with an opt-in  and all the information the user needs to know about your product/service in order to convince him to subscribe. The success of the campaign stands mostly in the relevant keywords and the way your landing page is built.

  1. Relevant keywords

Use relevant keywords for your domain, don’t try to bring users on page by using irrelevant keywords. It’s just a way to increase your bounce rate.

  1. Convince them to subscribe

In your landing page you need to have all the necessary information to convince users to subscribe. Un extra reason will be very good: a promotion, a voucher, a document they will receive after subscribing.

If you are not convinced that AdWords is the best choice for your business, below you have some of the most important advantages for this type of advertising.

Why should you invest in AdWords

Huge traffic – More than 200 million searches on Google everyday

Immediate results – Once you set the ads you will start getting visitors

Relevant visitors – Google AdWords gives you the possibility to target precisely. When you are setting the campaign you need to choose the most relevant keywords. Just the users that search those keywords will be able to see your ads. A side from that Google offers other targeting possibilities: geographically (you can set the ads only for a town), or by language etc.

Optimized expenses – If you are optimizing your campaign you can reduce your costs. Optimization consist in removing the irrelevant keywords and this means that the cost per click may drop if you have relevant keywords. Still, if you are on the domain with tough competition (real estate, for example) the cost per click may reach high values.