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Increase the interaction in your newsletters

Monday, June 24th, 2013

Althought in the social media era there are voices that say that email is dead, this tools is very used in the mechanisms of digital campaigns and contests. This is because a simple email seems not enough.

The users „scan” daily throughout 10-15 commercial emails, not to count the personal and professional ones. So, there is a big need to stand out. Contests are a way to create interaction in your newsletters, this way you can build a relationship with your brand and increase considerably newsletter effectiveness.

1. Contests with prizes for activity

This kind of contests are used to increase interactivity in newsletters and to activate older and inactive subscribers. You can create a system based on points depending on what activity a certain subscribers does when he is interacting with your newsletter (opens, clicks, conversions) and to reward the most active ones with some extra and exclusive benefits.

2. Contests to grow the list

For this type of contest you need to really think about the value and the type of the product given as a prize. It’s recommended to offer as a prize a product that is very close to the needs of the target. You need to be careful with this because in the contests to grow the list is important to get more than the contest hunters, althought some of them will be among the participants.

3. Ask for feedback

Also for increasing the activity in your newsletter you can ask for feedback in a survey about the newsletter. This way you grow their loyalty by asking them for their opinion and the results you can use to improve your newsletter. Example of a campaign based on newsletter: Mitsubishi Outlander Adventure – Mitsubishi created a little game right inside the newsletter. The users scrolled through a labyrinth of obstacles, those who got to the end received an all day long test drive with the New Mitsubishi Outlander. For more details click here.

How to avoid being reported as Spam

Sunday, June 16th, 2013

Consumers think of spam a bit different then marketing people.

Spam from marketing point of view – sending unsolicited emails. If you send newsletters to a person that didn’t give their consent to be put on your list, this means you are spamming.

The same is valid also from the legal point of view.

Spam for the consumer – any email they don’t desire, either is solicited or not.

So, if you have the accept of all the people in your list, you are covered legally and ethically, but you should also consider the reasons why subscribers may think of your newsletter as spam if tou want  to avoid reports.

Why subscribers think of your newsletters as Spam

1. They forgot they once subscribed

People subscribed to your newsletter, but haven’t heard from you in a while, so they forgot about the subscription.

What you should do:

You should set a newsletter frequency and stick to it. Don’t make pauses too big. Also, it’s good to send “Welcome emails” to new subscribers, you remind them about the subscription.

2. They can’t recognize the sender’s name

Users subscribe to the list of the X company, but receive email with another name.

What you should do:

You need to have the From line easy to recognize and consistent – don’t change it too often. If you what to communicate in the name of an influencing employee mention in the From line the name of the company.

3. Too many emails

If you are too eager to send a lot of emails and become intrusive, you will be reported as Spam.

What you should do:

As we said previously, it’s recommended to set a frequency, so people will know when to expect emails from you. Keep into account that subscribers inboxes is already very crowded and if you don’t need to send too often, don’t do it – that depends on how perishable is your information.

4. Your newsletters are not what you promised

The subscribers submitted his consent to a newsletter about laptop price offers and he gets photo cameras offers.

What you shoul do:

Stick to your promises.

5. Where is the Unsubscribe button

People just what to unsubscribe sometimes. If they can’t find an easy way to do it, they will push the Spam button to get rid of the email.

What you should do:

Don’t hide the Unsubscribe button, it’s better to keep it visible, in the header.

Why should you do a newsletter redesign?

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

You have the same template for the newsletter for a long time, for a year or even more? It would be a good idea to start thinking about a redesign.

Here are some of the reasons why should you start considering this opportunity to optimize you newsletter:

  1. You have changed the content strategy

If you have the same template for a long time, it’s possible that that it no longer suited for the content you want to communicate in your newsletter. If you try to get new content in areas designed a long time ago and that are not compatible you may encounter problems of space or positioning.

  1. In order to reorganize the content

In advertising and selling the visuals tends to get much more importance to make the reading easier and to increase interactivity. In matters of design there are no wonder recipes, but there some basic guidelines: keep it simple, aesthetically in line with your brand and don’t be afraid to use white space, it helps to better define content areas.

  1. Consumer behaviour has changed

A newsletter redesign is needed when you analyze the performance of the current newsletter and see what is working and what is not working. If a certain section of your newsletter does not work, try to change the positioning, if it’s an important area for you. Also, analyzing the reports you can see the habits of your subscribers. If a area in the template gets more interest maybe you should move it higher.

  1. You want to integrate new features

You have in your newsletter social media sharing buttons or videos? This maybe be a reason to make the change – to properly integrate these tools.