5 solutions to have a better call to action

What is a call-to-action and why is so important?

In email marketing the call to action is that element of the email that invites the readers to have a certain reaction – that’s usually the object of that email. The call-to-action is not necessarily a link, it can be an image, a button or some design which calls the attention and determines the subscriber to respond.

Why is the call to action so important?

Since every email sent have a purpose – getting an action from the receiver – the call-to-action is the way used to attract the user and encourage him to make the action you expect. Is one of the elements that have most influence on the click rate and the conversion rate.

If you don’t have a call to action, your subscriber can’t answer to what are you asking for. For example, if you send a newsletter with information about a product to get more sales, you nedd to have a link or button that will lead the subscriber to the product. That link or button needs to have a message, a call-to-action. If that link does not exist, that will mean for your subscriber to seak for himself your product, this is highly unlikely to happen very often.

When you need a better call-to-action?

To see if a call-to-action is efficient you need to look into the click rate of your messages. If it’s low, it is needed to rethink the calls-to-action of your newsletters, make them more appealing for the subscribers. The most common calls-to-action are “click here”. It’s a very short and clear message but it doesn’t say anything about a benefit.

Optimization solutions

  1. Give them a reason why to click – show your subscribers a benefit they will gain following your call to action. If you say “Click here” or “Find out more” you don’t give any information about their advantage. For example, “Save 25%, buy now” is a message that shows a benefit.
  2. Personalize – you want your subscribers to take action? Get them involved. “Andrew, join us!” is a message that will make the user feel that the call-to-action is addressing to him.
  3. Give a deadline – you can encourage the purchasing by hurrying up the subscribers. “Two more days left” is such a message.
  4. Ask – you can have a question as a call-to-action: “Want to find out more?”. This kind of call-to-action makes the subscribers feel in control that he has a choice.
  5. Tease – you can have a call-to-action that will make them curious – e.g. “Discover our offer”

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