Building the list – offline tactics

In a previous article we detailed the ways to collect subscribers online, but there are also offline methods to collect addresses. Email marketing is an efficient channel for the people that interact

1. Events

The events that you are attending are a good opportunity to raise email addresses. You can collect business cards or badges.

2. Prints

Put your subscription URL on your printed promotional materials (flyers, brochures, catalogues, etc). The URL must be short and easy to remember. You can also add a little description to say why people should subscribe to your newsletter.

3. In store

One of the most convenient methods to collect subscribers is at the « point of purchase » (shops, restaurants, hotels, etc). To obtain them easily, we suggest that it would be better to have some incentive or promotion at the subscription. For this method to be efficient is very important the behavior of the employee that makes contact with the client.

4. QR codes

With the qr codes you can make the subscription to your newsletter more accessible. When you create the subscription form you can put the QR code leading to it on the tags of your products, on the flyers, or other printed materials. Users will be able to scan it with their phone and subscribe. For further details on how you can create a QR code for your form with WomSend read this article.

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