Christmas is near, prepare your emails

Any email sent is a tool made to help you attract new customers and increase sales. Christmas is near and you can use this opportunity to get to your target.

This time of the year you have to think about how to make your messages and wishes get to your subscribers. Themed email marketing campaigns can help you to activate your subscribers. The Christmas messages act like a reminder of the shopping season and this holiday period is used by many companies as a way to make more selling. So you have to find a way to differentiate and stand out from the crowd.

Find out more

Christmas is a great opportunity to get to know your customers better. You can use the period leading up to the Christmas shopping time to learn about the individual customer behind each email address. Get to know more about customer’s preferences before Christmas.

Email marketing in the holiday period is a good time to engage in conversations. Today’s consumers have the power. They demand conversations that acknowledge that you know them and their individual preferences and interests. Preparing for Christmas with two-way dialogue that listens to customers is very important. Of course, this is a good marketing practice that you should use all year round.

Plan it wisely

Since Email marketing will be widely used this season, don’t wait until the last minute to send out your offers, of course, other than the ‘last minute’ offers that you should not forget about. Have the clearest subject lines possible to make your emails stand out from all the others.

Build the list

Create targeted lists of products to help your customers complete their Christmas shopping. What someone purchased last year is not the only segment you should think about. What did your subscribers have been buying as gifts so far or segments based on demographics are also alternatives to keep in count.

Be creative

Your goal is to help you customers build their shopping lists. Send them emails they will find interesting and also be interested in sharing.

For this period you need to think of ways to stand out because everybody is selling and everybody is buying. Good copywriting can make the difference.

It is very important for engaging customers and making the sale, also for proving the essential information about the product you want to sell.

Reward the loyal ones

Christmas time is a great time for developing loyalty offers for your subscribers. Thank them for being loyal. This time of year is an opportunity to reward your loyal customers with special offers.

Segment your list and send targeted offers for products you know they are interested in.
How are you preparing for Christmas?

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