Cleaning your list based on indicators

In email marketing a cleaned list, with valid email adresses and with subscribers that gave their permission to receive emails is very important to have good results.

Your email marketing list can have invalid email adresses due to various reasons: the email adress was filled in incorrectly, deliberately or not or the adress was not filled in by the actual owner or the adress has expired

You can clean efficiently your list based on the indicators of your previous campaigns.

Spam complaints rate

Spam complaints rate is one of the most important indicators to evaluate a newsletter. To avoid a raised spam complaints rate your list must have only email adresses gathered with the permission of the owner, have a double opt-in subscription form and always include an unsubscribe link in your emails.

When you are cleaning your list you have to be aware of this indicator, identify the email adresses that reported you as spam and erase them from your list in order to stop sending them newsletters and compromise your future campaigns. Using WomSend this will automatically be done.

Bounce rate

The bounce rate represents the adresses to which your email wasn’t delivered. This happens because of some temporary errors (either the email account has a full inbox, or the connection with the server was not possible) or a permanent error – the email adresses in your list are not valid. A raised bounce rate is sign of an old and inactive list or that the gathering of the adresses was not done right.

You have to maintain this indicator to a lower value by eliminating those adresses that bounced. The bounce rate is an indicator for the ISP (internet service provider) and will have negative consequences on your reputation.

The bounce rate and also the spam rate can be mantained at a low level by eliminating the old and inactive adresses from your list. Check your subscribers and eliminate the ones that hav not opened your messages for 3 or 4 months. It’s highly possible that this email adresses will become inactive or invalid in your future campaigns.

Unsubscribe rate

The unsubscribe link needs to be functional. So, when a subscriber requested to be unsubscribed from your newsletter his adress would be erased from your list. Continuing to send the messages and ignoring his wish will only raise the spam rate and affect negatively your reputation. Also you should keep in mind that the unsubscribe process should be easy, easier than hiting the spam button.

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