Common email marketing mistakes to avoid

Before sending out an email newsletter make sure you fulfill at least the basic rules of email marketing. In a hurry you can send an email without testing it and it will not appear as you intended in the inbox of your subscribers. You can send irrelevant content to your list or maybe you can send your emails without asking permission first. This way you will only manage to get to the Junk folder faster or make them hit the unsubscribe button.

Below we made a list of the most common email marketing mistakes which you have to be aware of to avoid them.

1. Sending with no permission
Before sending a newsletter you have to have the permission of every single person in your list. This means people have to previously requested to receive information from you. Not spamming is the first rule of email marketing and one the most important ones.

2. Unclear “From” name and subject line
For the subscribers to open your emails they have to know clearly what they are receiving and from whom. The “From” name and the subject line are the only two elements that you have to make them open your messages. If these two elements are not clear and relevant you will not succeed in attracting them. Also, a clear “From” is important to avoid a high spam rate. Is wrong to assume that, even if you have a permission based list, people remember you and your business.

3. Sending without testing
Testing is very important. Don’t skip this step, even if you are in a hurry. You have to check especially spelling errors, display errors and if all links are functional. The best is to send out emails to different accounts that use different email clients. The display could be different, depending on the email client your subscriber is using.

4. Disturbing and inconstant frequency
There is no recommended frequency in email marketing. It can differ from product to product depending on the quantity of relevant information you can offer to your subscribers. Sending to rarely will make them forget about you and sending too often will make your communication disturbing. The best solution is to let them pick their right frequency.

5. Irrelevant content
Sending emails that have nothing to do to what you promised to people when they subscribed and that is not corresponding to their interests will only raise the unsubscribe rate. An efficient targeting is necessary to get good results.

6. No unsubscribe link
In every email you send you have to include an unsubscribe link, and it has to be working. Not including it does not mean that you will lose fewer subscribers, because people that want to unsubscribe will have to use spam button to report you. This way you take the risk of compromising your future email marketing campaigns.

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