Content is king – use it wisely

An efficient email has several elements: design, navigation, links, and one of the most important elements is the content.

In order to have a successful email marketing campaign you need to offer your subscribers something they are interested in, try to be relevant. The relevance is influenced mainly by the content and the targeting. People don’t want advertising, they want useful content. Your emails will be opened if you offer a content that brings a benefit.

Get to know your subscribers

Big part of offering the right content to your subscribers it begins with the good targeting. You can make great content about your business that is not interesting in any way for your subscribers. Many emails get to the inbox of one person, the attention span is low and you need to make your subjects stand out from the crowd. Is every day harder to get a click or to get a conversion.

Keep testing

Guessing what’s in the mind of your user it is not easy, you will not be right always. The surest way is to test. You can try various types of content and pay attention to your stats when you are doing the evaluation. It’s a process that requires monitoring all the moves of your subscriber to figure out his preferences. Keep into account the traffic on your website, what products or services are the users interested in, and which are the pages they spend the most time. This will bring you interesting insights.

If the results of these tests seem inconclusive to decide which are the subscriber’s interests, you have another option: ask them. A survey is a good way to activate them and also to find out what are you interested in. Ask the questions to get the information you need and try offering some prizes to assure the participation.

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