Email marketing for business clients

B2B email marketing should be approached differently than the one B2C (business-to-consumer). The lists are, the most of times, smaller, so efficiency is required in order to get the most of them. In b2b communication is different, the tone of voice is more serious, not that friendly as the one used in b2c communication.

Below we detailed a few advice to help you conceiving b2b newsletter, taking into account the differences of this type of audience.

1. Know your audience: when you communicate to companies is good to know who you are talking to. If you send the emails to the IT administrator (he is the decision maker), a newsletter filled with images and an artistic text will probably be not so well received.

2. Mobile friendly: Make sure your emails can easily be read on mobile devices. To make it possible you have to have a short text, with a big and clearly stated call to action.

3. Make „From” line and subject line relevant

For the „From” and subject line the recommendations are similar to the ones you need to apply when you are sending newsletters to the consumer. In the „From” line you got to have the name of your company, but choose it wisely, so you won’t have to change afterwards.

4. Test: before sending test every newsletter. Check the display of the emails of the most used email clients on your list. For business client, most of the times is Outlook Express. Also test the email on various devices: tablet, smartphone, desktop.

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