Email marketing strategies for eCommerce

If you own an online shop, email marketing is very important to obtain more traffic and boost up sales. Traditional marketing (tv, print) are very expensive and, often, you can’t measure accurately the results. We have some advice on how to set the strategy for your email newsletters to get the attention of more subscribers and get conversions.

1. Build the list

A problem in eCommerce when it comes to building the list is the fact that you will get the data of the users after they complete the check-out flow and about 70-80% of the users leave the check-out before completing it. So many prospects are lost. You need to have an incentive for the ones that subscribe so you can enlarge your list. A discount or a voucher might be a good idea. The list and the way you built it may be your main advantage or disadvantage in the results you will have in email marketing.

2. Conversion nurturing

Nurturing a conversion consist in following up the user after he had an interaction with but didn’t complete it. It’s convincing the user to get from secondary conversion to primary conversion.

For example, some users first downloaded a document with information about the product, but they didn’t complete the purchase. You can remind them about their unfinished process with a follow up email and to make more interesting you may add a discount.

3. Behavioural segmentation

A very efficient strategy is to send email based on subscribers activity. Use engaging techniques for the inactive ones and try to win them back. For the active ones that don’t convert you need to find an incentive.

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