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Womsend has a new feature: the subscription forms are now integrated with Facebook.

When someone that is already authenticated on Facebook visits your website, he will have the possibility to subscribe to your newsletter without having to fill in their name and email address. The users that are not authenticated on Facebook will see your forms as they usually look.

See below how will your subscription form look like. You need to be authenticated on Facebook to see how it will look for your users that will be connected with their Facebook accounts:

What are the advantages of having a Facebook integrated subscription form?

  • Easier the subscription – the users logged on Facebook will be able to subscribe with only a click, without being necessary to fill in any information.
  • Real data and better delivery – Because users don’t have to write their email address, there will be no mistakes and you will have fewer invalid addresses in your list. And also their email address is already confirmed since they made their Facebook account and most probably is active. All these reasons can help you to have a better delivery rate of your newsletters and a greater interaction with your subscribers.
  • Higher Facebook awareness – Now you can find out if your subscribers are active on Facebook and you can create special campaigns that will encourage interactivity and Facebook message awareness will be higher.

How to use it

If you want to activate the Facebook integration of a subscription form go to the section Configuration -> Forms, select a form and you will find a checkbox “Facebook integration”, activate it, then save and use the generated code to post the form on your website. When a user subscribes to your newsletter, Facebook will send the name and email address of the subscriber, but if you want the complete name of the users you need have in your account a range with “Name”.

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