How do you prepare the newsletter for Black Friday?

Black Friday opens the shopping season – it’s an important time to make your offer known to your subscribers. Even if you don’t get a purchase know, it’s best to make a good impression, so they will keep you in mind for the following period.This day is well known in US and it usually takes place in the last friday of November. In the last years this day has become more and more taken into account by Romanian retailers as well. Especially in the IT&C industry.

The time when the users expect the best offers to buy is coming, they will have a hard time making the choice, so make a difference.
Here are some things you need to take into account when you’re preparing the newsletter for Black Friday.

Plan it

When to send it’s a tough question the crowded times. On Black Friday and the following time till the holidays – the inbox will be full. You can’t guess the right time to send to avoid the crowded moments, so the strategy recommended is to send the emails soon enough so people can take advantage of the offer.

Make a difference

It’s moments like this when you need to have different offers based on subscriber’s activity. This will help you send firstly the offers to the active subscribers and, in case of delivery problems at the time you make sure the messages get to active adresses. With the active subscribers you make sure you get more conversions, instead of sending and delivering to old or unused emails.

Monitor the competition

You also may need to keep an eye on the competition. This will help you understand what you need to do to be different, what is your main benefit for your customers. This may not be in time for Black Friday but at least for the holidays.

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