How to avoid spam filters

1. The importance of the html code
When you send an email newsletter don’t send only an image with text on it. The email has to be in html code. If the percent image/text is too low your email can get to the junk folder.
The message editor of Womsend verifies your number of characters and warns you if you have less than 200.

2. IP configuration
It is necessary to make sure that the IP-s you send from are correctly configurated. In the following situation the spam filter could give you a higher spam score:
a. There are registrations named Reverse DNS (PTR) at the IP provider (hosting). These registrations are in fact domain names associated with the IP. For example, if we interrogate the DNS system to find out the IP name (registration PTR) we will find out that the name is, and if we interrogate the DNS system to find out the IP of the domain (registration type A) we will find it is This configuration is correct, the two are matching.
A mistake that you have to be careful about is filling in numbers in the name of the IP. This may raise your spam score because spam filters could consider the IP dynamic.
b. There are SPF and SenderID registrations for the want to send email newsletters. These registrations are used by the receiving servers to verify if your IP is authorized to send newsletters from that domain.

3. Signing the messages with DomainKeys and/or DKIM
Domain Keys Identified Mail was conceived to eradicate phising and it is used to identify the senders and help build a reputation for a domain. The system uses a digital signature in the emails sent and matches it with a key of the sender published on the server.

4. Exclusive access to an IP
If you have a website hosted on a shared server (the hosting company has there the site of other clients) you have to make sure that only you can send from an IP.
Require this from your hosting company. If it’s not possible, rent a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or a dedicated server. If not, sending messages and not having a dedicated server, along with others that might be spamming, will affect your reputation too.

5. System security
This aspect is very important. Weak password, software is not updated and with security problems can allow unauthorized access to spammers that will use your system to send unsolicited messages.

6. Blacklist monitoring
It’s good to make a blacklist monitoring. Even the ones that send emails based on permission can get to the blacklist. It’s good to keep an eye on these lists to see if your domain or IP is on one of them in order to take the needed measures to be taken off them.

7. Monitoring through test email addresses
You can do this monitoring by having an email address on the most used email clients by the users on your list. You send your messages to those addresses to see where your messages are delivered. This way you will see if you email get to spam and you can take the required measures to get to the inbox.

How to stay in the inbox of your subscribers

If your emails are delivered in the Inbox, you still need to take the right measures to stay there.

1. Constant system monitoring
This one is necessary to prevent and repair any technical or security problem mentioned before.

2. Avoid spam reporting
In order to have a low spam rate you have to keep into account the most important rule in email marketing: be relevant. Send to your subscribers messages that you said you would on your subscription form, also you have to include in your messages the unsubscribe link, to stop users from using the Report spam button when they want to stop receiving your emails. More details about how to avoid reports you find here.

3. Automatic processing of unsubscribe requests
This is an aspect that you should not neglect. Also is important the cleaning of the database for expired or not valid email addresses and registering in feedback loop to know who is reporting your email as spam.

These are the most important recommendations to keep the spam rate at lower values. For a higher efficiency of the sent newsletters it’s important to keep them into account.
Womsend system has implemented solutions for all of the problems above to assure you a high delivery rate and a low spam rate.
For further information you can contact us.

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