How to write good subject lines

The subject line is a key element for the email newsletter. The “From” tab and the subject line are the first contact of a subscriber with your email, it will have a big influence on his further actions: to open it or not.

First impression is very important in this case. 50 characters stand between you and your subscriber – this is the length of a subject line, it’s all you have to make him attracted to your information, make him curious and get him to open your message. The few characters of a subject line have a big impact on your whole campaign.

Writing good subject lines

1. Be specific

The subject line must describe the content of the email very clearly. An email with a vague subject line does not give to many reasons why to open it.

2. Be original

In order to get the attention and curiosity from your subscriber you have to be original, stand out from the crowd. Don’t use similar subjects with the ones used before just because they worked, repeating them will make the subscriber reject them. You can use successful elements of previous campaigns, but adapt them.

3. Avoid Anti-spam filters

When you are writing the subject line of an email newsletter you have take into account how spam filters work. The subject is an indicator with great influence on them. For example, it’s good to avoid writing some words in capital letters or using the capital words at the beginning of every word. It’s the same for the words “for free” or “promotion”, exclamation points and percentages.

4. Don’t mislead

The subject of an email is setting the expectations of the ones who get it, it will make them open it or not. That’s why you shouldn’t lie about what’s really the content of the email. Don’t give the idea that they will find something else. You will lose their trust and get reported as spam.

5. Test

No matter what kind of subject you use for your emails, testing is the best method to see if they work. You can test on a certain list to see the results you get. Also, how good or not are some subject lines you can establish by evaluating carefully previous campaigns.

It is no known recipe to write a good subject line, what worked for some campaigns may not work for another. You have to find always a way to bring something different, to make your email stand out and get the attention that deserves.

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