Increase the interaction in your newsletters

Althought in the social media era there are voices that say that email is dead, this tools is very used in the mechanisms of digital campaigns and contests. This is because a simple email seems not enough.

The users „scan” daily throughout 10-15 commercial emails, not to count the personal and professional ones. So, there is a big need to stand out. Contests are a way to create interaction in your newsletters, this way you can build a relationship with your brand and increase considerably newsletter effectiveness.

1. Contests with prizes for activity

This kind of contests are used to increase interactivity in newsletters and to activate older and inactive subscribers. You can create a system based on points depending on what activity a certain subscribers does when he is interacting with your newsletter (opens, clicks, conversions) and to reward the most active ones with some extra and exclusive benefits.

2. Contests to grow the list

For this type of contest you need to really think about the value and the type of the product given as a prize. It’s recommended to offer as a prize a product that is very close to the needs of the target. You need to be careful with this because in the contests to grow the list is important to get more than the contest hunters, althought some of them will be among the participants.

3. Ask for feedback

Also for increasing the activity in your newsletter you can ask for feedback in a survey about the newsletter. This way you grow their loyalty by asking them for their opinion and the results you can use to improve your newsletter. Example of a campaign based on newsletter: Mitsubishi Outlander Adventure – Mitsubishi created a little game right inside the newsletter. The users scrolled through a labyrinth of obstacles, those who got to the end received an all day long test drive with the New Mitsubishi Outlander. For more details click here.

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