Newsletter subscription: single opt-in or double opt-in

The list is an important part of email marketing. Many may think that the bigger, the better, but the quality must not be neglected. When you are building your list one of the most important things is how you collect your email addresses.

1. Single opt-in: consist in including the email addresses in the list only be submitting it in a subscription form. The subscription to the newsletter it’s made without receiving any confirmation link in your email. Giving the email address when purchasing a product and giving the consent to receive commercial information is considered subscription to the email newsletter as well.
The advantage of single opt-in is that you can build o bigger list in short time, but it’s efficient when it comes to quality, not quantity.
The disadvantage of this subscription method is that users can give fake or non-existent addresses and even if they are valid, they may belong to other persons and this will lead to spam.

2. Double opt-in: the subscription is completed in two steps. The user is not directly added to the list when he submitted his address in the form. He will receive a confirmation email to activate a link if he wants to be added to the list.
The advantage of this method is the fact that you can build a list based on quality, with confirmed email addresses, avoiding the possibility to spam unwillingly.
The disadvantage of this kind of subscription is the fact that requires an extra step from the user, and some may get lost in the process. The confirmation email may not get in time, it may get in the Junk mail folder or it may not get to the user’s inbox at all and he is not able to complete the subscription process. The solution to make sure that the subscription process can be completed is to send the confirmation emails from an IP and domain with very good reputation – used only for sending this kind of messages. This how Womsend service send these emails to make sure that they will be delivered.

So the single opt-in is efficient if you want to have a big list, the double opt-in is the most recommended in order to have a good and qualitative list with confirmed email addresses.

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