Social links on your unsubscribe page

Keep your subscribers closer with social media. WomSend has a new feature which will make it easier for you. Now you can add the links to your social accounts to your WomSend account.
These links will appear on the unsubscribe page of your email newsletters, this way you have a chance at keeping the users that will unsubscribe as fans or followers in social media. It’s another way to inform them, if they no longer want to receive emails.

You enter your WomSend account, the menu Configurations – tab Social links. There you can put links to your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. These links and the text:”If you prefer other ways to stay in touch you can follow us on:” will appear on the unsubscribe page. And the user may want to keep receiving your news, but in social media.

Keep in touch in social media

Your subscribers may want to stop receiving your emails due to various reasons, but in case this reason is the fact that they no longer want to use email as a way to stay in touch with your business, you can offer them an alternative by proposing that they should follow you on social media to stay up to date with your news and special offers. This way you can get your list to like you on Facebook and follow you on Twitter.

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