Using a preferences page in emails

According to the domain that you are in, you may want to communicate various information in your email newsletter and you can’t know for sure what specific information want your subscribers. If you have a sports site and you don’t know which of the subscribers want information about football and which about tennis, it’s time to come up with a solution to this.

Womsend has a new feature through which the subscribers can choose themselves what information to receive. You have to set up a preference page addressed to your different lists, based on the different information you to communicate  to the users in those lists and put the link to this page in your emails.

The preference page is very useful when you have a large range of products and services and a subscriber isn’t interested in all of them. And receiving emails with irrelevant information may determine them to unsubscribe. This page will allow you to personalize your communication and give information about their specific needs.

Set up a preferences page with Womsend

In your Womsend account, you enter the menu Configurations  – My account and you choose the tab Preferences page. There you add the your lists. Users will see it as a list where they can choose the one list they want to be a part of.

There you can also set the banner that will appear on the page’s header, with your identity elements, a title that will appear at mouse over and a link to a landing page from that banner. If you will not put a banner and link that area will remain blank.

How to add the preferences page in an email

After you set up the page in your account, you have to add a link to it in your emails. It’s very simple. You ca do it adding directly the tag {PREFERENCES_LINK} in the email body, either you select in the message editor  “Womsend utilities> Add preferences link”.
When a user will click on the link the system will generate a unique URL for each subscriber to be able to track each user that subscribes or unsubcribes to a list on the page and what is the message he came from.

Encourage subscribers to set their preferences

Using the preference page you will have lists very well targeted and you will be able to send relevant information in your campaigns. But just to make sure of the efficiency of the preference page you need to encourage your subscribers to set their preferences.
An idea is to send an email to present the new feature and say that they can enter the preference page to choose a segment relevant for their specific interest.

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