Why should you do a newsletter redesign?

You have the same template for the newsletter for a long time, for a year or even more? It would be a good idea to start thinking about a redesign.

Here are some of the reasons why should you start considering this opportunity to optimize you newsletter:

  1. You have changed the content strategy

If you have the same template for a long time, it’s possible that that it no longer suited for the content you want to communicate in your newsletter. If you try to get new content in areas designed a long time ago and that are not compatible you may encounter problems of space or positioning.

  1. In order to reorganize the content

In advertising and selling the visuals tends to get much more importance to make the reading easier and to increase interactivity. In matters of design there are no wonder recipes, but there some basic guidelines: keep it simple, aesthetically in line with your brand and don’t be afraid to use white space, it helps to better define content areas.

  1. Consumer behaviour has changed

A newsletter redesign is needed when you analyze the performance of the current newsletter and see what is working and what is not working. If a certain section of your newsletter does not work, try to change the positioning, if it’s an important area for you. Also, analyzing the reports you can see the habits of your subscribers. If a area in the template gets more interest maybe you should move it higher.

  1. You want to integrate new features

You have in your newsletter social media sharing buttons or videos? This maybe be a reason to make the change – to properly integrate these tools.

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