Autoresponders are live

That’s right, now you can create autoresponders so you can run your email marketing on auto-pilot.

Are you sending a welcome email right after people confirm their subscription?  You should and now you can with autoreponders.

Want to send a new chapter of an online/email course to your list each week after they confirm? Autoreponders allow you to do that and more.

We also have autoreponders triggered by the subscription date so you can send a new confirmation message to subscribers that didn’t confirm after a few days since subscription. And we have autoresponders triggered by subscriber actions like “open message sent in a previous campaign” , and “click one or more links in a message sent in a previous campaign”

You can read more about autoresponders on the wiki.

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  1. […] For example, if someone wants to buy skin lotion, you cand send information and some suggestions with links to skin care products. Or if someone bought a bathing suit you can give them suggestions of sunglasses. With WomSend you can do this automatically with autorespoder campaigns. […]

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