How to monitor subscriber activity

If you are using Womsend,  it’s very easy to keep track of your subscribers activity. You can see which are the active subscribers and which are the inactive ones. This way you have the possibility to reactivate the inactive ones. They are an important resource and you don’t have to neglect them.

Our system calculates a score for every subscriber depending on his activity. When opens a message the subscriber receives some points, for a click he will receive more and for a purchase even more points. The subscriber will have more points if his activity in your newsletter is recent. The more time it passes since his last action, the fewer points he has.

Subscribers will have activity scores from 0 to 100. The most active subscriber will have the highest score (100) and the others will have scores according to his. For example, a subscriber with the score 100 is twice more active then a subscriber with the score 50.

If you have a Womsend account, you will be able to see the quality score of your subscribers entering the section Subscribers ->All subscribers and at every contact you will see a value named “Quality score”.

Segmenting list according to subscriber activity

You can use this feature to segment subscribers according to activity criteria.
You can create a segment based on a higher and lower limit of the quality score. This way you can have a segment with the most active subscribers to repay them and you can have a segment of your least active subscribers to you can come up with ways to reactivate them.

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