Create and Send Email Newsletters

Easily create and send engaging email newsletters. Use the WYSIWYG visual editor, chose an existing template or paste in your own html code when creating a campaign.

Create and Publish Signup forms on your website

Use the form editor to create signup forms, then paste the generated code on your site. You can create multiple different forms to match the design of every site if you have more then one site.

Unlimited Email Campaigns

Send as many campaigns as you want at no extra charge. We charge you depending on the number of subscribers, not based on the number of messages sent. See our pricing page for more details.

Free Image Hosting

We don’t charge you extra for image hosting like others do.And there’s virtually no limit for it, just don’t try to use this as your flickr account 🙂

And here’s something extra you’ll not find anywhere else: we serve your images from our SSL enabled server.

RSS to Email

Have a blog? Enable your readers to subscribe to RSS by Email. They will receive your posts in email as soon as you publish them.

Email Analytics

Track the actions of your subscribers. See who is opening your messages and clicking your links.

Developer friendly

Developing an application that needs to send email. Use our api to send your messages through our servers. Take advantage of our advanced email architecture and deliverability.

Not convinced yet?

Why not just sign-up and try it yourself. It’s FREE for 30 days and there’s no obligation. Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any question you might have.