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Segmenting the list according to subscribers’ activity

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Your list includes subscribers that have never opened your email, but also subscribers that entered your website and made a purchase. To increase the efficiency of your newsletters it would be better to send targeted messages. You can segment your list according to subscriber’s actions in your past newsletters. Based on that data you can categorize them into: loyal, active, inactive etc.

In order to use this segmentation you need to have a way of finding out which are your subscriber’s actions.  Usually you have this kind of information from your ESP. Also, if the numbers are not enough, you can find out insights about subscribers using surveys.

 Activity segments

1. Loyal subscribers

If someone made an action after you send him a newsletter (a purchase or filling a form) don’t let this be his last interaction with your brand. Take care of the loyal subscribers because they can bring you important benefits, if they are satisfied by your products/services.

2. Active subscribers

These are the ones that interact with your emails, they enter the site, but the conversions are low. If there is a big difference between the clickthrough rate and the conversion rate there might be a problem. First you need to check the landing page, and then think about the offer itself, it may not be very attractive for the subscribers or you are not stating the benefits very efficiently.

 3. Inactive subscribers

In this category are the subscribers that didn’t open an email you sent in the last 3 – 6 months. It’s very probable that they forgot about you. For these subscribers the best solution is to group them into a segment and think about reactivation solutions.

Womsend lets you know which are the active ones

Using Womsend you can very easily create segments based on subscriber activity. Our system calculates a quality score for every subscriber according to their activity. More details on this feature and how could you use it, you will find here.

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