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When should you send?

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

This is one of the most frequent questions email asked by email marketers.

It is known that the time when you send the messages has an influence on the open rates. Send at a time when your subscribers are more likely to check their email and your messages have a better chance to be opened.

If you send too soon your message might end up in a long list of other messages waiting to be read. We all get a bit overwhelmed when we have too many messages in the inbox so we go in “filter” mode and only open the ones we think are important. This makes it easy for your subscribers to miss your messages 🙂

Send too late and you have missed the opportunity to have your message opened the same day. Tomorrow it might not be so interesting, plus it will again end up in a list of other unopened messages where it has less chances to be opened.

When are subscribers more likely to open?

Some try to guess the best time to send. Some assume that it’s best to send in the morning, others say it’s best at noon, and for others it’s best in the evening.

The truth is that different people check their email at different times. Now some lists might have a majority that would open in the morning and others in the evening and if you can figure that out then it’s great.

But what if you wouldn’t have to guess?

If your subscribers confirm their subscription, open messages, click on the links we track the time when they do that and we use this information to determine when it’s the best time to send for each subscriber.

How to do it with WomSend?

When you create a new campaign you have an option to optimize the time each message is sent. Click the “optimize send time” checkbox and select to optimize over 24 hours or over 7 days.

If you chose to optimize over 24 hours the system will try to find the best hour to send for each subscriber.

If you optimize over 7 days the system will try to find the best day of week and hour within that day for each subscriber.

Why two optimization models?

Some messages are more time sensitive then others. Sometimes you want your subscribers to take action within the following 1-2 days. For these kind of messages you have to use the 24 hours optimization.

Messages that are not time sensitive can use a 7 day optimization model.

Click tracking on your own domain

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

We can track clicks in your messages by replacing your links to a special link .

Untill a few days ago this special link was only on domain but now  you can use your own domain or subdomain for this.

Why would you want to do this? Links look better and your subscribers might trust them more when they recognize your domain name in the start of the link.


If you want to use a domain (not a subdomain) then you’ll have to point it ( create a DNS A record ) to .

If you’re using a subdomain like then you can just create an alias ( DNS CNAME record ) for it to point to

After you set up the DNS you have to tell our system the name of the domain you want to use in those special tracking links.  Go to Settings->Defaults and set the name of the domain in the “Default link tracking domain” field.

That’s it. On your next email campaign the links in your message will have your domain instead of

SSL image hosting for your Newsletter

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

A few months ago Gmail switched the webmail interface to HTTPS for all of their users.

This is good news for gmail users and I think all webmail services should do this. Now gmail users can read their email securely without having to install all kind of hacks in Firefox.

The problem is that now if you send email with remote images in the html content and you don’t host them on a HTTPS server with a valid certificate ( signed by a recognized certificate authority ),  the recipient’s browser is going to complain when they try to view your messages and this may scare your subscribers and lead to lower click rates for gmail users

To fix this all you have to do is serve the images over a SSL ( HTTPS ) connection. But to do this you need to buy a SSL certificate and since we already have one we thought we should let you use it so now you can host your images on our SSL enabled web server.

To do this you have to use the new “Upload” feature we just enabled a few days ago. All you have to do is design the html message in your prefered editor,use relative URLs for the images then create a zip file with the html message and and the images and upload it.  See more details on the wiki page

Autoresponders are live

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

That’s right, now you can create autoresponders so you can run your email marketing on auto-pilot.

Are you sending a welcome email right after people confirm their subscription?  You should and now you can with autoreponders.

Want to send a new chapter of an online/email course to your list each week after they confirm? Autoreponders allow you to do that and more.

We also have autoreponders triggered by the subscription date so you can send a new confirmation message to subscribers that didn’t confirm after a few days since subscription. And we have autoresponders triggered by subscriber actions like “open message sent in a previous campaign” , and “click one or more links in a message sent in a previous campaign”

You can read more about autoresponders on the wiki.